“Readers are Leaders” and Writers are Lighters.  Ignite, to set afire; to set in motion.  Also to spark, this can be a mind or a piece of paper.  The balance of light and dark exist in all things.  For good or evil (live backwords), the yin and yang, the night and day. 

Do labels always exist in every situation?  Was there a time of just BEing?  A sacred oneness?  In meditating, when I laugh, in loving, I feel this being one.  The being becomes connected to the whole.

Connection with self, is the most precious gift I can share with the whole.  A soul’s purpose fulfilled in it’s lifetime.

The balance of the reader and the writer.


We are the stars!

Did you know this.  I did not for many years and at 46 this knowledge becomes familiar again. Shining thru adversity is our human challenge.  Shining brightly, even more so.

In introducing  myself, I remember love is the highest vibration and to be gentle with myself as I would a child.  Mistakes have been made,  actions to amend said “mistakes” have been made, and hear?here!, I am.  In courage or stupidity at all given moments.  Taking action for this blog, is my dream of writing and speaking my truth. I have journeyed far to be in this moment, and I give thanks to myself, wife, family, triggers and the all.

The all.  Spirit. Goddess, God, Jesus, Saint Mary Magdalene, Savior, Creator… these words and more exist as “the all”.  Does this mindful prayer go to mother earth as well?  Other multiverses?  As we choose from our understanding, what do we believe in our highest vibration to be true?

Thank you all for allowing me this moment.  I give thanks to my ancestors whose shoulders I stand upon.  It is so.